Political Action

The Education Political Action Committee (EdPAC) is created in NEA-NM governing documents to carry out the political action program of the Association. The committee is elected by vote of the general membership from regions in proportion to the NEA-NM membership in the region. Under the guidelines approved by the EdPAC:

  • NEA-New Mexico members of the EdPAC interview, examine questionnaires, or examine voting records of all candidates for legislative, statewide and federal office, before recommending them to the membership.

  • The NEA-NM Board of Directors makes final recommendations on statewide candidates and makes recommendations to the NEA fund for Children and Public Education for federal candidates.

  • The criteria used to evaluate candidates come from the legislative program and resolutions approved by the NEA-New Mexico Delegate Council.

  • The criteria make sure candidates must 'measure up' by demonstrating commitment to:

    strengthening public education;
    ensuring children's health and safety;
    maximizing student learning; and
    respecting school employees.

  • NEA-New Mexico's 'measure up' criteria are nonpartisan.

  • All campaign contributions given to candidates are voluntary political contributions given by members for that purpose. They are collected and maintained separately from dues.

  • The process is member driven. All participants are democratically elected, representing all regions of New Mexico, proportionate to their membership in the Association.

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