Right to Work – Wrong for New Mexico

NM right to work proposal is really the right to squeeze working families

New Mexico leaders are considering a proposal they call “Right to Work” – trying to trick people into thinking it’s a good thing. It’s not.

Right to Work allows companies more power to cut wages, decrease benefits and fire New Mexico workers without any justification.

This proposal is more of a right to squeeze working families and make it harder for them to achieve the American Dream.

How will Right to Work hurt New Mexico?

Average wages in Right to Work states are $2.49-an-hour lower for minorities and $1.82-an-hour lower for Anglos than they are in states that allow workers to freely bargain for their rights and pay.

These policies also have a frightening effect beyond pay and benefits: Construction-site death rates are 36.5 percent higher in Right to Work states than they are in states with well-regulated trade unions that have programs to ensure proper worker safety and training.

Supporters of Right to Work say passing it here will bring jobs.

Not true.

A survey of corporate relocation experts for a national trade magazine showed Right to Work has never cracked the top 10 as a reason for a company to move.  In addition, 7 of the 10 states with the highest unemployment rates are Right to Work states.  All it does is drive down pay and further put the squeeze on an already-struggling middle class.

So now, rather than focus on issues that can actually create new jobs such as investing in renewable energy and broadband, workforce training, and adequately funding our schools,  New Mexico policymakers have instead chosen to make life harder for the working people who live here.

These policies are being pushed by well-funded, out-of-state groups that also support cutting the minimum wage, sending jobs overseas and allowing companies to move their headquarters overseas to avoid paying taxes. 

These policies are designed to decrease the impact which comes from education professionals raising our voices about policies and proposals that affect New Mexico students. Proponents do not like that our unions of education professionals do have a voice at the local district level and at the state level, in Santa Fe on educational matters, and they are seeking to put our voices on “mute.”

These are not the types of people our leaders should listen to.

Our leaders need to hear from us! 

Call your State Senator or Representative and tell them Right to Work hurts New Mexico families and won’t lead to new companies coming here. Visit our legislative update page to participate in our legislative alerts and to keep up with the latest news.