What to do Until Help Arrives

Should an employment problem arise, here are some basic rules to follow until you can contact your NEA Representative or UniServ Director for assistance:

1) Remain calm. As hard as it may be, you will be better off if you hold your temper. Resist the impulse to vocalize an immediate defense, take careful notes of the discussions, and tell your immediate supervisor you will think things over and respond later.

2) Don’t resign. Once your resignation is accepted, you may have cancelled any further rights you might otherwise exercise. In some instances, a resignation can be used in civil or criminal action as evidence of an admission of guilt.

3) Don’t say anything under pressure. Politely refuse, saying you need time to think it over. If you are ordered to sign under threat of insubordination, sign the document and add a statement that you disagree with the contents and are signing under duress.

4) Don’t involve other educators, students, or the media. Until you have talked with an expert, it’s best to keep quiet. The exceptions are your NEA-NM Association representative and local Association president who can help you contact NEA-NM.

5) Contact your local NEA-NM Association Representative immediately. As a member, your first line of defense is your local Association and your area UniServ Director. Our UniServ Directors are professional employees trained to assist you with any employment problem, and our attorneys are specialists in school employee defense.