Education Advocacy

“Education Advocacy by our members, our Local Associations and NEA-NM happens daily.  It happens in every school, in every district, and with education agencies such as the State of New Mexico Public Education Department.  It happens at the legislature year round, but especially when it is in session and during elections when educators and other friends of student success can actively support pro-public education candidates, and it happens with the federal government too.  

For information about activities in your own community, please touch base with your Local association leaders.  This page is focused on how you and other members can help impact education policy in the political arena and especially with the legislative process.

Members throughout New Mexico support our EdPAC – the Education Political Action Committee. To learn more and to join the crowd of fellow advocates working hard for student success. 

Be The Change - Learn about and support EdPAC

Latest Legislative Update


During The Legislative Sessions Reach Legislators By:

  • Calling: (505) 986-4300 • Faxing: (505) 986-4610
  • Writing: New Mexico State Capitol Building, Santa Fe, NM 87503



Federal Issues: