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You won’t pay any dues until the fall and you’ll enjoy the prestige of belonging to NEA-New Mexico plus the protection of the coverage from the NEA Educators Employment Liability $1,000,000 policy.

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   If it were easy…You could do it alone!   

There’s nothing easy about working in a public school and there are very few things you can change successfully in a public school working alone.
That’s why it takes an entire school community to create great public schools for every child.
And that’s why being a member of your Association is critical in doing your part to provide that basic right for every child.

   As an NEA Early Enrollee, you get access to most NEA Member Benefits programs, including:   


  • Finance Large Expenses: Use the NEA Personal Loan© to pay for medical bills, home improvements, weddings and more.
  • Educator Exclusives: From classroom supplies to home goods, special offers are available just for educators like you.

  • Breath-by-Breath, Step-by-Step: Manage stress at school with our easy-to-use guide.
  • Works4Me: Teaching techniques and tips by teachers, for teachers.
  • Saving Big on Your Favorite Brands: Get deals from hundreds of top retailers, even local movie theaters and restaurants, through our exclusive NEA© Click & Save portal.

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