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NEA NM quick poll

Updates on Legislative Special Session

Unions question timing of teacher eval changes

News Date: 05 April, 2017

“This is one of the first times I can recall a major announcement made on a Sunday,” Bowyer said. “It appears to me so that it would only be attended by a select group of folks that the governor wanted … the ones she often uses for her cheering section.” Bowyer called Sunday’s event “a political stunt.” .....click here for more

Governor: Changes being made to teacher evaluation system

News Date: 03 April, 2017

"Our teachers have spoken, and we've listened," Martinez said after a weekend stop at a charter school in Albuquerque. "These changes are for teachers and by teachers, and I know they'll help build on the success we're seeing in the classroom." .....click here for more

Teacher evaluations allow six days

News Date: 03 April, 2017

“It is a celebration. It is a partnership that we should maintain for the sake of our kids. And of course, for the sake of keeping our amazing teachers,” Martinez said at a news conference Sunday afternoon at the Albuquerque Institute for Mathematics and Science, where she was accompanied by teachers and state Public Education Secretary Hanna Skandera. .....click here for more

PED alters teacher evaluation system

News Date: 03 April, 2017

The New Mexico Public Education Department is revamping its controversial teacher evaluation system, reducing the weight of student test results from 50 percent to 35 percent and doubling the number of sick days available without penalty. .....click here for more

District Response to NMPED

News Date: 31 March, 2017

We are submitting this response to your letter dated March 23, 2017, on behalf of the District and Superintendent Dr. Veronica C. Garcia. Unfortunately, the NMPED letter contains incorrect legal analysis and incorrect assumptions. The Board is particularly concerned with NMPED’s attempt to curtail Dr. Garcia’s engagement in permissible civic activities as superintendent and for taking actions that the Board believes are well within the purview of the District. .....click here for more

NEA National News

Electronic voting in run-off election closes

Event Date: 31 March, 2017

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Deadline to receive optional paper ballot

Event Date: 07 April, 2017

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Elections Committee Tally Subcommittee

Event Date: 08 April, 2017

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