Education Support Professionals (ESP)

Cost of Membership

  • Full time $305.50 plus local dues
  • Part time $168.50 plus local dues
More than four of every 10 public school employees are education support professionals (ESPs) who work together with teachers and administrators to ensure the basic right of every student to attend a great public school. ESPs make up more than a half million of NEA's over 3 million membership.

Educational support porfessionals perform a variety of jobs that promote quality education, foster positive learning environments, offer nutritious meals to ensure students are ready to learn, provide reliable transportation, and maintain safe and clean schools for all students.

ESPs in every job category want greater awareness and appreciation of the ways they contribute to great public schools. They want to see
  • increased wages
  • better retirement benefits
  • improved health and dental insurance provisions
  • professional development opportunities
  • the chance for advancement
  • job security
That is why it's so important to join your voice to NEA's. We invite you to join the team that’s dedicated to creating great public schools for every child.

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