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New Mexico Retiree Health Care Authority • 1-800-233-2576


Annual $55.00 /Life $450.00

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What is New Mexico NEA-Retired?

New Mexico NEA-Retired is a program for all retired educational employees in New Mexico. All retired educational employees are eligible for membership and are encouraged to become active in their organization.

The Benefits of New Mexico NEA-Retired

  • More effective lobbying for retirement benefits
  • An unbroken string of services provided all members by NEA
  • Representation on the NEA-NM Board of Directors and NEA-NM EdPAC

NEA New Mexico Retired Constitution and Bylaws

PROPOSED NEA New Mexico Retired Constitution

NEA-Retired Values Your Experience

Whether you will retire soon from your career in education or you have recently retired, your experience is valued as a member of NEA-Retired, the only national retired program designed especially for educational personnel. It's your way to stay involved in education and gain important benefits now, when you can use them most.

NEA-Retired Offers:
  • Pre-Retirement Publications and Seminars -- A NEA-Retired member for life receives a complete set of pre-retirement publications and can participate in pre-retirement seminars through his/her unified state association.
  • Liability Insurance -- NEA-Retired members for life who substitute teach are eligible for liability insurance.

NEA-Retired members are also eligible to enroll in NEA's Member Benefits program available to NEA-Retired members. These include:

  • NEA-Member Care Program
  • Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance
  • Money Market and Certificate Deposit
  • Homeowners and Renters Insurance
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
  • Car Rental Discount Service
  • National Credit Card Service
  • Individual Retirement Account

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2015 NEA-NM Retired Election Results