Student Membership:

  • Annual dues for Student Program are $25. The program runs from Sept. 1 thru Aug. 31.
  • This includes your liability insurance, NEA publications, and great discounts thru NEA Member Benefits.
  • In some of our NEA-NM regions offer incentives for student members.
    • Southwest Region, the region pays $5 of your dues.
    • Southeast Region, the region pays the entire $25 dues for the first 25 student members that join each year.
Where do you live & teach? Contact Leslie Fritz for more information.

Qualifications for Student Membership:

  • Any individual who is planning to be a teacher qualifies for student membership. The individual does not have to be enrolled in a school of education. Individuals who are enrolled at community colleges or technical schools are eligible for student membership.
  • Individuals are not eligible for student membership if the student is eligible in another membership category or if the student was ever eligible as a result of his/her employment as a teacher.
  • If the student was a former teacher, s/he can join as a Reserve member but not a student member.


If the student is under an employment contract as a substitute teacher, the student is not eligible to be a student member. If not under an employment contract, a student can be a student member and also substitute teach but the liability will not cover the student as a sub unless subbing is a requirement for college graduation.

Organizers and advisors should let students know that students who are doing a great deal of subbing (even if they are not under an employment contract) would be better served by joining as a sub rather than as a student member.

Students must be a member of the campus on which they are enrolled. For example, if a student lives in New Mexico but attends college in Texas, the student will be a member of the Texas chapter. It also doesn't matter where the student is doing student-teaching. The students do not become members of the active local where they are student teaching.

    • EXCEPTION-University of Phoenix students: Each state has a listing for University of Phoenix students who enroll on line and live in that specific state. If the student is an enrollee of the University of Phoenix and wants to join the student program on line, the membership will be credited to that state in which s/he lives
If you are a member and need more information, please login. If you want to become a member, please click on Joining  on the left and follow the instructions.