Elections Have Consequences
Not Voting is Giving In—It Is Not Making a Statement

by Betty Patterson, NEA-NM President
Have you heard these clichés? I am sure you have. However, this year—and more than ever—they have real meaning. 
     We have been living with the consequences of the last state-wide election. The decisions that are made in the Roundhouse in Santa Fe affect our lives and our students’ lives every day. We also need to encourage our friends, colleagues and students’ families to vote for pro-education candidates.
     This year, we have an opportunity to stand up for ourselves and our students by raising our voices through our votes nationally, state-wide, and in our communities.  I realize there have been lots of negative media coverage for this election, and one could just decide to “sit this one out.” However, not voting is like voting for the other side.   Please take the time to research how every candidate stands on public education and then make a decision that positively reinforces everything you do every day for our students.
     Let’s make children our priority this election!  Let’s vote to make Public Education a priority again.

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