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Education Excellence is Everyone’s Responsibility

It is critical we stop engaging in ideas that promote a cycle of short-term fixes, diminish our children’s comprehensive education, punish schools and educators, and perpetuate the blame game. Let’s recognize that we all have a responsibility. Let’s begin a new collaborative dialogue where we place excellence for our children and our public schools at the center of every conversation.

Education Tips for Parents

Ask a parent what they think is the most important factor in school success and they are likely to say ‘a good teacher.’ Ask a teacher the same question and they will probably say school success depends on parental involvement.

While many factors contribute to a child’s success in school, research shows parental involvement is one of the most significant. Because of the critical role both parents and teachers play in a child’s education, we have asked a few of New Mexico’s most experienced school teachers to share tips on how parents can support the efforts of teachers in the classroom.

Bully Free Starts with Me

Is an NEA program designed to meet a growing need to do something about Bullying. This link will take you to information and advice on how to prevent, advise and help kids in need.

New Mexico PTA 

Meet the Momma Bears 

This is a group of parents that started blogging about their kids experience in public schools; the testing; the pressure to perform; and all that goes with it. This is a blog worth visiting.


A grumpy old teacher trying to keep up the good classroom fight in the new age of reformy stuff. A good blog about the reformer movement and what it means to your kids.