About Us


Our Mission

The NEA-NM and its affiliates will be the recognized advocate for students, public education, and public education employees in New Mexico.

Strategic Objectives

  • To assure equity and excellence in education, NEA-NM will lead the movement to provide the best possible learning opportunities for every student.
  • To provide a Great Public School for every student and to ensure excellence and equity, NEA-NM will work to maintain the required vital investment in public education.
  • To inspire professional excellence among education employees, NEA-NM will work to maintain the standards for preparation, licensure, and employment that are culturally sensitive, valid, and performance based, thereby assuring an education work force of the highest quality.
  • To protect, improve, and expand the right and influence of education employees, NEA-NM will utilize advocacy processes such as exclusive recognition, collective bargaining, political action, and litigation to gain greater personal and contractual security.
  • To secure a commitment to the intrinsic value of public education, NEA-NM will promote a positive public image of, and self-esteem among, education employees.
  • To secure for members the benefits of an independent, united education association, NEA-NM will empower education employees through strong local affiliates; visionary, responsive leadership; and inclusionary practices which will increase membership, resources, and the personal commitment and involvement of members.
  • To promote and defend human and civil rights, NEA-NM will work independently and collaboratively to eliminate all forms of discrimination and to attain equitable treatment for all people.
  • To achieve its Strategic Plan, NEA-NM will support the systems and services that provide the basic framework described in the Strategic Budget.