COVID-19: Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources for Distance Learning

Dear all,

As teachers, I wanted to let you know that Vital Spaces partnered with ARTsmart on a series of art workshop videos. I know the semester is almost over, but I hope you’ll share these with your students.

Vital Spaces’s Youtube Channel

The videos are:
Morgan Barnard leading a workshop on creating experimental videos with a simple phone camera. 
Jacks McNamara leading an introduction to illustration.
Sarah Spengler leading a workshop on making the familiar strange by playing with different points of view in photography and drawing.

ARTsmart’s youtube channel

The videos are:
Andrea Vargas leading a workshop on plein air painting.
Andrea Vargas part 2.
Oscar Maynard leading a workshop on paper cuts.
Gasalli Adeyemo leading a workshop on traditional tie dye.
Jean Paul Granillo announcing an art video challenge.
Heidi Brandow on how to make a monster.

Please feel free to reach out if you’d like direct access to any of the videos. We hope that they are useful, fun, and inspiring!

Congratulations on finishing out this very difficult semester.

All the best,
Hannah Yohalem


CAPP Weekly Webinar #5 “HyperDocs for High-interest Interactive Digital Learning!” with Kaitlyn McCoy
If you are looking for ways to interact and challenge students during COVID-19, then please join Kaitlyn McCoy for her Webinar on “Using Hyperdocs for High-interest Interactive Digital Learning!” This practical session will give you all the tools you need to start creating online interactive lessons for your students!

CAPP Weekly Webinar #4 “Engaging with Community Partners for Hard-to-Reach Kids” with Grace Mayer
Now more than ever educators need to find ways to support hard-to-reach kids! NEA Santa Fe has done just that by engaging community partners in a Grab & Go program that puts high interest curriculum materials into the hands of students. Listen to Grace Mayer, Art Teacher and NEA Santa Fe President, as she shares their journey to reach hard-to-reach kids. We look forward to seeing you for this special live meeting!

CAPP Weekly Webinar #3 “Connecting to Engage Learners during COVID-19” with Cheryl Carreon
This Webinar, “Connecting to Engage Learners during COVID-19”, features NEA New Mexico’s 2017 Teacher of Excellence, Cheryl Carreon. Ms. Carreon, a Developmental Disability Teacher from Las Cruces, is a tireless advocate for students with special needs. She will present strategies to help address the particular needs of our Special Education population and discuss the problems and possible solutions for families that may have difficulty connecting digitally during this crisis.

CAPP Weekly Webinar #2 “Pathways to Your Journey Towards Distance Learning” with Evelyn Sanchez and Sarah Johnston
“Pathways on your Journey towards Distance Learning” features NEA Members and National Board Certified Teachers, Evelyn Sanchez and Sarah Johnston. They share multiple pathways to support you on your journey as you design your teaching practice for your students. They also share resources from NEA New Mexico, NBPTS and ECHO.

CAPP Weekly Webinar #1 “A Closer Look at Distance Learning” with Jarrod Frazier
Jarrod Kyle Frazier, 6th Grade Teacher at Sundance Elementary in Los Lunas shares insights on conducting Distance Learning for students who have full access to the internet. He will share tips and take questions on how to transition from in-person to digital learning. He will also share ideas and resources to help during this difficult time.

NEA-Digital Learning Guidelines
This important NEA created document asks essential questions that all educators, especially decision makers, should consider before implementing digital and distance learning. Answers to these questions are offered along with excellent resources to support educators as they navigate their way through the current situation.

Educator Distance Learning Tool Kit
Teachers will find sample lessons, planning guides, activities and complete courses that should be modified to meet their students’ needs. Thanks to New Mexico PED for this great resource!

Distance Learning Webinar with PBS LearningMedia
This one hour recorded Webinar, hosted by PBS Education, will help educators of children of all ages as they plan for a variety of scenarios in response to the coronavirus health crisis by focusing on skills, tips, and techniques educators can apply to prepare for successful digital learning.

Weekly Webinar on Understanding the Impact of Coronavirus on K-12 Education

Fridays – Starting March 13 – 12:00 PM MST (1 Hour)

This webinar series, hosted by ISTE and EdSurge, will focus on how K-12 schools are coping with

coronavirus and the move to remote learning and how students and educators are being impacted.


6 Lessons Learned About Remote Learning During the Coronavirus Outbreak
This article provides best practices related to digital learning to ensure quality and engaging instruction during the suspension of face-to-face learning during the COVID-10 pandemic. 

A Coronavirus Outreach Plan: 5 Steps for District Leaders
Included in this article are five action steps to help school leaders craft an effective outreach plan for dealing with COVID-19. 

10 Strategies for Online Learning During a Coronavirus Outbreak
This article includes best ideas from educators from around the world, many of whom have already been teaching during coronavirus closures.

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