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Deadline for submission is May 29, 2019

All eligible NEA-NM certified and educational support members are invited to submit an application for the Keleher and McLeod Distinguished Scholarship Award for 2018.  The award is presented yearly.

The scholarship will consist of a sum to help cover the cost of summer school tuition and books for coursework that will be beneficial to school employees in the performance of their jobs.

The Keleher and McLeod Law Firm created an endowment at the University of New Mexico, earnings from which are to assist an NEA-NM member or members in furthering their education each summer.  The firm represented the Public Service Company of New Mexico in a lawsuit against several natural gas producers in the San Juan Basin in the early 1980’s.  The seven original plaintiffs in the suit included five NEA-NM leaders who, with the support of the Association, desired to see the price of natural gas reduced for residential customers and school districts.

Guidelines for the Scholarship:

• Applicant must be an NEA-NM member.
• To be eligible, applicants must attend UNM or one of its branches (Valencia, Los Alamos, Taos, and Gallup).
• Scholarship funds may be used to pay for UNM on-line courses, but will not be adjusted to cover any additional fees associated with on-line coursework.
• Scholarship funds may not be used for coursework at other institutions even though credits may be transferred to UNM later.
• NEA-NM will notify recipients and the scholarship office at UNM as soon as the recipient(s) is selected.