Listening Skills

Guidelines for Improving Listening Skills

  • Increase listening span.
  • Take time to listen.
  • Give your full attention.
  • Restate the message you’ve just heard.
  • Avoid hasty evaluation.
  • Don’t overreact to content.
  • Don’t fake enthusiasm.
  • Don’t become distracted.
  • Listen between the lines.
  • Listen for ideas, not facts.
  • Don’t monopolize.
  • Adapt your thought speed.
  • listen only to what you want to hear.

Listener Responsibilities

  • Show interest by your actions.
  • Take time to listen.
  • Learn something about the sender.
  • Get the whole message.
  • Don’t interrupt the sender.
  • Concentrate on listening.
  • Practice listening.

Sender Responsibilities

  • Show the receiver that you want attention.
  • Be sure the receiver is taking time and is ready to listen.
  • Try not to waste the receiver’s time.
  • Give the receiver the whole message (what, why, when, where, who, and how).
  • Repeat and clarify the main idea.
  • Position yourself and the receiver to avoid distractions.
  • Look at the receiver.
  • Evaluate the receiver’s interpretation.