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At the flip of a laptop screen, tablet device, or smart phone, NEA members may now take part in NEA’s democratic policy making processes through an easy-to-access tool on  The Policy Resource Center provides members with an opportunity to read, research, and propose amendments to each of the three major policy documents adopted annually by the Representative Assembly—NEA Resolutions, the Legislative Program, and the Association’s six Policy Statements.

3-1(G): Plan For RA Minority Participation

NEA bylaw 3-1(g) states that it is the policy of the Association to work to achieve ethnic-minority delegate representation at least equal to the proportion of identified ethnic-minority populations within the state. NEA-New Mexico has a  plan to achieve a total state and local delegation to the Representative Assembly that reflects its ethnic-minority proportions. Part of that plan is the encouragement of Local Associations to elect their full contingent of delegates to the Representative Assembly. Presidents in locals with more than one delegate candidate will be encouraged to meet the 3-1(g) numerical goals.

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