Common Questions About Us


What is NEA-New Mexico?

Since its founding as the Territorial Education Association in 1886, the National Education Association – New Mexico (NEA-NM) has continuously advocated for New Mexico Public Schools and their students and employees. With more than 8,000 members in local affiliates across the state, the Association works for better learning conditions for children and better working conditions for teachers and other school employees. Local affiliates work for members through collective bargaining and other advocacy mechanisms in communities throughout New Mexico, while NEA-NM works to influence policy makers at the state level. Additionally the Association provides professional development for its members both nationally and here in the state.

Who’s eligible to become an NEA-NM Member?

Anyone who works for a public school district, a college or university, or any other public institution devoted primarily to education is eligible to join NEA-NM. NEA-NM also has special membership categories for retired educators and college students studying to become teachers. For specific membership information, contact NEA-NM Headquarters.

Who sets NEA-NM policy?

NEA-NM members state-wide set Association policy, most notably through the annual Delegate Council, held in the Fall each year. Delegates are elected from local associations in the ratio of one delegate for each 25 local members. During the rest of the year, the NEA-NM Board of Directors, elected from regions around the state, sets policy along with the full-time elected President.

What does NEA-NM do?

NEA-NM provides members an Effective Voice on all issues important to school employees. We are a volunteer-based organization supported by a network of professional and support staff. More members will enable us to continue Collective Action to Protect the Rights of School Employees.

NEA-NM activities are wide-ranging. NEA-NM regularly lobbies the legislature and other public policy bodies for the resources schools need, campaigns for higher professional standards for the teaching profession, and files legal actions to protect the rights of members. Your membership will ensure that school employees have Greater Authority to Make the Decisions which Improve Public Education.