New Mexico General Election

And the big winner of these 2020 general elections: Democracy!
New Mexicans have proven that we pull through hard times by pulling together. In the midst of a pandemic that has left millions of us grieving, wrecked our economy and created tremendous challenges for our public schools and students, our NEA-NM members effectively organized and worked to make sure Democracy took the night.

NEA-NM members worked diligently to get our members and their families to the polls by sending thousands of peer-to-peer texts; phone-banking; posting hundreds of political calls to action on social media; organizing webinars; and delivering electronic and paper mail to thousands of our members and their families.

Voter turnout broke records in New Mexico and throughout the country. Your vote sent a clear message to elected federal and state legislators: Ensure adequate public education funding, student equity, and enact racial and social justice policies NOW!

Pro-Public Education Champions took the majority both in the State House and Senate. NEA-NM recommended 57 House candidates and 45 of those won. In the Senate, NEA-NM recommended 34 candidates and 29 of them will be heading to the Roundhouse in 2021. In total, 74 pro-public education legislators will be advocating for our public school students in this upcoming legislative session!

We would like to make special mention of our NEA-NM members and public school educators who ran in some very competitive districts.  Billie Helean in HD 57, Siah Correa Hemphill in SD 28, Pam Cordova in SD 30 and Neomi Martinez Parra in SD 35. All races were very close but only Siah Correa Hemphill will be heading to Santa Fe and joining our other two NEA-NM members and educators, Senator Antoinette Zedillo Lopez from SD 16 and Senator William Soules from SD 37 – both of whom won decisively.

In addition, your vote made history! Our recommended candidate, Harold Pope in SD 23, will become the first African American State Senator in New Mexico history. And for the 2021 session, the House will have a majority of women representatives at 36-34.

All NEA-NM recommended candidates for NM Supreme Court and Court of Appeals comfortably won their seats.

As for Public Education Commissioners races, NEA-NM recommended winner Melissa Armijo in District 1 and NEA-NM member Trisha Ruiz. Unfortunately, Ruiz, failed to secure a second term in District 9. Thanks Trish for your leadership.

Of our 4 NEA Federal recommended candidates, Ben Ray Lujan will represent New Mexico as our US Senator as will Teresa Ledger Hernandez from CD1 and incumbent Representative Deb Halland from CD3. Incumbent Xochitl Torres Small ran a great race but votes didn’t favor her in CD 2 this time around.

As we transition and focus our work to strengthen our public education system in the upcoming 2021 Legislative session, we remain committed to engaging our members to continue using their collective voices to affect democratic institutions. Whether it is in-person advocacy, exercising safe protocols, or using virtual outreach platforms, NEA-NM is committed to working with its membership to maintain a direct line of communication with our legislators. Together, let’s remind those same legislators that a record number of voters chose a path of building quality public schools for all students, regardless of their zip code.

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Find Your NEA-NM Senate and House District
Some NM Senate and House districts cover portions of counties and not entire counties.  The “Find My Legislator” link hosted on the website of New Mexico State Legislature will allow you locate your specific New Mexico Senate and House District.
  You can then use the following link to locate the NEA-NM recommended candidate:

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