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4. Salary and Benefits (Download PDF)

Email your State Senator and House Representative and tell them to Fund Education 100%.    Use the email sample below and feel free to customize and share your personal story. 

Step by Step

  1. Copy the message (below or above) and paste into your email and customize by adding your personal story, then sign your name.
  2. Use subject mentioned (below or above), “FundEd100%..”
  3. Find your legislator here (use same link in the intro where it says “email your state senator..”)
  4. Send email to designated legislator.

Subject: FundEd 100%, deliver on the promise of an education moonshot and protect the 4% pay raise.    

Dear Legislator,  

  As a constituent, I urge you to fund our schools 100%, deliver on the promise of an education moonshot and protect the 4% pay raise for public school employees.  

  The coronavirus crisis has shone a spotlight on a long-standing inequity evidenced by the Yazzie/Martinez lawsuit. Our kids, public schools and communities were promised an education moonshot and we urge you to deliver.  

  Our public schools currently rank 48 in the nation and suffer an acute educator shortage. Teachers are leaving the profession and less teachers will lead to crowded classrooms, posing a risk to our kids, educators and their families of spreading the coronavirus, especially during the winter.   

  We cannot afford to lose teachers and we need you to deliver on the promised 4% pay raise.  

  Please vote to fund our schools 100%, deliver on the promise of an education moonshot and protect the 4% pay raise for public school employees.



Call your legislator and tell him/her to FundEd 100%, deliver on the promise of an education moonshot and protect the 4% pay raise.  

Talking points:  

  1. Educator/teacher shortage will only get worse if we deny them the much deserved 4% pay raise. This will have a long-term impact on our children’s future. Our kids are missing out on a quality education now.    
  2. We need to spend our way out of this financial crisis. Austerity measures don’t work and they hurt our kids. Remember the disastrous policies under Governor Martinez.  
  3. Investing in our educators guarantees money will stimulate local economies and help our kids and their families that depend on healthy local economy.   
  4. With a shortage of teachers, we cannot respect and enforce class size, hurting our kid’s academic growth. Also, once schools re-open, crowded classroom pose a risk to our students, educators and their families of spreading COVID-19, especially during the winter.  
  5. Educators are essential workers and their pay has been short-changed since 2008.    
  6. Older and highly qualified educators will not feel safe returning to schools if we fail to deliver on the promise of an education moonshot, exacerbating the educator shortage crisis and denying our kids quality teachers.   
  7. Health insurance increases will result in a pay cut for some and force educators to drop their insurance and jeopardize their health and that of our kids.  
  8. Under the current economic crisis and exorbitant unemployment figures brought on by COVID-19, educators are perhaps the only breadwinners left in their households.  

Post any of the above messages on Social Media and use the hashtag #FundEd100% 

Step by step

  1. Right click, save as on phone/desktop.
  2. Post saved picture on social media with #FundEd100%

“Tell Congress to support students, our educators, and your schools.” TAKE ACTION!

As part of national legislative package, NEA is pushing Congress to help narrow the digital divide and close the “homework gap”—the inability to do schoolwork at home due to lack of internet access. Nationwide, as many as 12 million students are affected—roughly 1 in 5. A disproportionate share of those students are African-American, Hispanic, live in rural areas, or come from low-income families. NEA supports the Emergency Educational Connections Act, which would provide up to $4 billion for a special fund, administered by the Federal Communications Commission’s E-Rate program, to equip students to do schoolwork at home during the COVID-19 national emergency.