Teacher Quality Advocate (TQA)

OUR Teacher Quality Advocate (TQA) Committee members are:

Ann Meyer, Mary McGowan, Teresa Naggs, Carol Parr, Karon Axtell, Justin Wecks, Bonnie Urrutia and Tamra Gedde.

Competencies of Teacher Quality Advocates


  • Willingness to develop a deep understanding and expertise of issues in policy and practice related to teacher quality
  • Willingness to develop understanding of NEA-NM & NEA positions on teacher quality issues
  • Willingness to develop understanding of concepts of advocacy, collective action & union organizing especially in connection to teacher quality

Strategic Thinking:

  • Ability to think outside the box to create a visionary focus for a teacher quality advocacy program
  • Ability to recognize & utilize opportunities for organizing & membership recruitment


  • Ability to use information & data to make effective decisions
  • Ability to assess risks & benefits of visionary ideas
  • Sensitive to multiple & sometimes conflicting priorities within the Association


  • Respected by colleagues
  • Ability to foster mutual respect with others
  • Trustworthy


  • Effective in written and verbal communication
  • Ability to communicate to others the importance of teacher quality issues as central to the mission & values of NEA-NM
  • Commitment  to engage others in the work of NEA-NM by organizing around teacher quality issues


  • Commitment to a positive attitude toward others
  • Ability to build effective relationships with others
  • Ability to secure commitments from colleagues & stakeholders to support NEA-NM & work of the TQA Cadre


  • Ability to engage and inspire others
  • Represents high standards of professionalism & commitment to NEA-NM
  • Ability to foster collaboration


  • Willingness to share expertise
  • Commitment  to stay current on teacher quality issues and participate in ongoing training
  • Ability to see TQA project through to completion